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Magnolia Sun Rentals
Safety Rules for ALL Users of the Conference Bicycles

  • You may only ride the ConferenceBike with up to 7 passengers including the driver.

  • Passengers must sit on the saddle and hold firmly onto the handrail with both hands at all times while the ConferenceBike is moving.

  • Passengers must be tall enough to comfortably reach the pedals while seated and simultaneously hold onto the handrail. This requires a min inseam of 29.5in/75 cm. This represents an average height of 5.2 ft/1.60m.

  • Do not get on or off the ConferenceBike until it has stopped, and the parking brake is engaged.

  • Wear closed shoes with a good grip so that your feet do not slip from the petals.

  • Only wear form fitting clothing!  Do not wear wide skirts, scarves, long necklaces, open belts etc. These might become entangled in moving parts and cause serious injuries.

  • Adjust the quick release levers of the seat posts only when bike is stationary and there is nobody sitting on the saddle.

  • Never take an animal aboard the ConferenceBike.

  • Never touch any rotating parts of the ConferenceBike!

  • Never touch any part of the braking system components other than the designated pedals and levers provided!

  • If you should fasten any objects on the ConferenceBike, make sure that none of these can become entangled in moving parts, fall down, or constrain anybody while the ConferenceBike is in motion.

  • Never drink any alcohol or consume any drugs prior to or while driving the ConferenceBike.

  • Obey all local traffic rules. Do not operate on roadways that exceed 35mph.

  • ConferenceBike does not pedal backwards. In case it must be reversed all passengers must get off before being pushed to orientate for forward motion.

  • We appreciate your business.

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